2020 Wedding Trends You Should Keep An Eye Out For

The core value of 2020 Wedding Trends is community-building. Couples are forgoing the traditional guest favors in favour of a ‘community-building’ approach. Other trends include pre-potted party favors and Marie Antoinette-style cakes. Listed below are some trends you should keep an eye out for. A wedding in 2020 should also be budget-conscious. It should also avoid large bridal parties, which are stressful for the couples. There are also too many speeches at the wedding, which can be an unwelcome distraction for guests.

Community-building is a core value of 2020 wedding trends

In a world that has become increasingly global, it’s no wonder that community-building is a core value of The Knot’s 2020 wedding trends. As a result, many couples are tweaking the planning process to make it more community-oriented. One example of this is the trend toward choosing vendors that represent local businesses. Some BIPOC couples are choosing vendors that reflect their inherent beliefs and culture. A BIPOC wedding is not only about celebrating love and union, but also about preserving culture, while contributing to a better future for the community.

In the past few years, many couples have postponed or cancelled their weddings due to health issues. However, the number of people getting married has increased dramatically, thanks to increasing immunization rates and tapering cases. The increasing number of people getting married means that there are more opportunities than ever to create a truly unique wedding. Couples are also encouraged to make their ceremonies more intimate, and to support local businesses. By choosing to host their weddings in local communities, couples are ensuring that they have a positive impact on their community and future.

Foregoing guest favors is a big trend

Giving your guests something useful is one of the big trends for 2020 weddings. According to Liz Curtis, CEO and founder of Table + Teaspoon, a wedding planning company, giving useful items is a good way to make your guest’s stay more comfortable. She suggests that you give them fun, practical gifts early on in your wedding weekend. For example, if your wedding is taking place in a woodland setting, you might want to give your guests insect repellent and a mini sunscreen.

Foregoing guest favors may be the perfect option for some couples, but the idea is still quite time consuming. If you’re not into making your own gifts, you can consider s’mores kits, which don’t come with the ingredients but do come with the requisite favor tag. Alternatively, you can opt for edible favors such as ice cream and chocolates.

Marie Antoinette-style cakes

If you’d like your wedding cake to be just as luxurious as your guests’, you might want to consider a Marie Antoinette-style creation. A single-tier Marie Antoinette cake is easier to handle for newer cake decorators. The colour palette is a lovely, feminine pink with peach tones. Some cake companies have even designed the cake stand to resemble headwear!

Aside from the beautiful aesthetics of a Marie-Antoinette-style cake, it may also be a bit unconventional. These cakes are topped with edible sequins. They look especially stunning when iced with melted chocolate. You can even get a cake that drips with your favourite flavour. During the winter months, opt for decorations like pine cones, orange, cinnamon sticks, or whole peeled clementine.

Pre-potted party favors

If you’re planning a destination wedding, consider giving your guests pre-potted succulents as party favors. These on-trend gifts will add beauty to your tables and enhance your wedding decor. You can even use them as place card favors! Just go to a nursery or home improvement store and pick up a few tiny baby succulents! Wrap your favors with burlap, lace, or printed cotton to prevent them from re-potting!

You can also give your guests edible treats. Chocolate bars are always welcome wedding favors, but why not give them a taste of your home garden? These are sure to be appreciated by sweet tooth guests. Alternatively, you can also give them bags of flowers or fruits from your garden. These gifts are not only environmentally-friendly, but they’re also affordable! Using a small potted plant is an eco-friendly way to say thank you to your guests and keep them fresh.

Non-traditional venues

The future of the wedding is here, and in 2020, you can have any kind of ceremony you want, with anything from colorful floral arrangements to an ostrich-feather garter toss. You can even ditch the traditional wedding cake for a smaller version or a coffee truck! The stunning wedding of Kate and James Jones, who wed in December, featured a bar made entirely of ice, and the images captured in her photo gallery fit the new wedding trend.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your ceremony, consider an unconventional venue. Instead of the traditional church, you can rent out a greenhouse, a museum, or an observatory. You can even get married in your parents’ garden! Whether it’s a garden or an observatory, you can customize the location to suit your personal taste. And if you have a beautiful garden, why not throw a marquee party? A tent at a botanical garden might be the perfect place to tie the knot.

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