Being A HGV Driver In Summer: What You Need To Know

As the seasons shift and the sun rises, working as an HGV driver takes on a whole new dimension. The summer months bring about unique challenges that require careful navigation. From coping with intense heat to dealing with increased traffic, there are many factors to consider. This article aims to arm you with essential tips and safety measures to ensure that your summer driving experience is as smooth and safe as possible.

Summer HGV Driving: A New Set of Challenges

While summer brings long days and generally good weather, it’s not all sunshine and roses for HGV drivers. Increased road users, rising temperatures, and extended periods of daylight require different skills and a higher level of alertness.

The summer heat can be hard for both the driver and the vehicle. As a driver, dehydration and heat exhaustion are real threats. The increased temperatures can cause overheating, tyre blowouts, and accelerated wear and tear on the vehicle.

It’s important to know about the driving to be able to overcome challenges. A CPC training course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the summer conditions. It also ensures that you’re prepared for all of the problems that might happen while on the road.

Key Tips for HGV Drivers in Summer

When it comes to key points of HGV driving in summer, the first step is to understand the possible difficulties. The next step is learning how to deal with them effectively. You can see some tips to keep you safe and comfortable during summer driving below.

Stay Hydrated

One of the possible risks in hot weather is dehydration. It can cause some problems like tiredness, dizziness, and slower reaction. As these can cause bigger issues on the road, you should drink plenty of water throughout the day. Also, consider investing in a good-quality insulated flask to keep your water cool.

Use Sun Protection

Sun protection is not just for beach days. The sun’s rays can be equally harmful when you’re spending long hours in the cab. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF before your shift, and don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare.

Regular Vehicle Checks

The summer heat can be hard on your vehicle. Regularly check your tyres as high temperatures can cause them to blowout. Monitor your coolant levels and ensure your air conditioning is functioning properly.

Take Regular Breaks

The longer daylight hours during summer might tempt you to drive for extended periods. However, taking regular breaks is crucial to avoid fatigue. Breaks also offer a chance to stretch your legs, rest your eyes, and hydrate.

Plan Ahead for Increased Traffic

Summer inevitably leads to more vehicles on the road, potentially resulting in increased congestion and longer journey times. Try to plan your routes in advance and allow extra time for unexpected delays.

Adopting Safety Measures for Summer Driving

In addition to the tips above, there are a few extra safety measures that HGV drivers should adopt during the summer months.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

While summer typically brings good weather, it’s also known for its occasional thunderstorms. Stay updated with the weather forecast and plan your route and schedule accordingly.

Be Vigilant of Other Road Users

The sunny weather often means more cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians on the road. Stay extra vigilant, especially at junctions and in residential areas.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Choosing light, breathable clothes can help keep you cool and comfortable during your shift. Also, you can consider having a quality pair of driving gloves to prevent your hands from slipping on the steering wheel due to sweating.

In conclusion, being an HGV driver in the summer can indeed be challenging. But with the right preparation, a positive attitude, and a professional CPC training course, you can handle the summer months effectively. Remember, safety and comfort should always be your priorities, regardless of the season. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and keep on trucking!

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