Values embedding is an important aspect of corporate strategy. The language used to describe this process is somewhat vague, but companies often express high aspirations when they say they embed values. This research aims to provide clarity by looking at the values that UK companies use and how they select and embed them. It has found that 52% of companies emphasize the importance of values embedding and emphasize the need to measure their performance against those values. Typical approaches to measuring values embedding include anonymous surveys and objective metrics.


Fame is a database that gives information on UK and Irish companies. It contains information on over 3.8 million companies, including both active and inactive companies. The database is easy to navigate and helps you research individual companies. It also offers detailed analysis tools and helps you find groups of companies with specific profiles. It is the perfect resource for financial and benchmarking analysis.

Fame covers both private and public companies in the UK, and it has a useful search interface. For example, a search using this site will give you information on Essar Energy PLC, a UK company that was incorporated in December 2009. It reported the highest overseas turnover within its first year of business.

In addition to providing company financial statements, Fame also includes detailed information on ownership, management, and activities. The database includes information on more than 1.6 million companies in the UK and Ireland, and it offers 10 years of financial data for these companies. The database also offers summaries on a million smaller companies.


To gain insight into a company’s performance, you can use Key Note research. The UK market information provider is part of the Mintel group and provides off-the-shelf publications on over 8000 companies. The company’s publications cover a range of market sectors and include business news and financial data. The company has over 25 years of experience and offers a wide range of reports on the UK economy, including consumer and industrial reports. The company’s publications combine gathered raw data from national and international sources with insightful commentary and analysis.


Business History Explorer Online is an online database that offers extensive coverage of the history of UK companies, industries, and products. Businesses have a huge impact on society and touch all areas of our lives. BHE’s content is relevant to multiple disciplines, from design history and decorative arts to politics, diplomacy, and communications. It also covers trade, agriculture, cities, and genealogy.

BHE was founded in 1934 and has been working to preserve business records. It also provides advice and information on the management and administration of archives. It aims to promote an interest in the history of business in the UK. Its online bibliography is available to the public and can be accessed through a subscription.

British Library

When looking for information on a company in the United Kingdom, the British Library is an invaluable resource. Its collection contains vast amounts of documents, which are indexed for easy browsing. In addition to its book collection, the British Library has an extensive collection of newspapers. Previously, the library’s collection was spread across different buildings in central London. Today, the British Library has consolidated its collections in one building on Euston Road, next to St Pancras railway station.

The British Library’s research process began with a quantitative phase, which sought to understand general research needs and potential future usage. The British Library used cluster analysis and attitudinal segmentation techniques to identify six key segments, with three showing greater potential as future users. The findings from this research will help the British Library decide how to best recruit future users.

Researchers can also access scholarly materials from the British Library through a special relationship with the library. Access to these scholarly resources is free and open to everyone.

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