The MusicLens – A New Way to Listen to Music

The MusicLens has a unique feature that makes listening to your favorite music effortless. It uses Bone conduction technology to transmit sound signals to the wearer. Unlike headphones, the MusicLens allows you to listen to any music app with just a few taps on the frame. And thanks to Bone conduction technology, you can tune into the world around you without a problem. In addition, you won’t have to worry about irritated eardrums as you listen to your music.

Bone conduction technology transmits sound signals to the wearer

A consumer bone-conduction headset is the first technological breakthrough in this field. It works by relying on bone conduction technology to transmit sound signals to the wearer through the bones in the ears. It is also a promising technological advance for music lovers. MusicLens uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound signals to the wearer through their bones. As of February 2019, the product is not available for sale yet. However, there is a consumer version of the device, called Aftershokz, which uses bone conduction transducer technology to transmit sound signals to the wearer.

The headphones, which use bone conduction technology, connect to a computer, cell phone, or laptop and transmit sound directly to the wearer’s inner ear. This allows the user to listen to music and other audio content while still being aware of their surroundings. Additionally, the headset’s bone-conduction technology helps reduce the stress on the wearer’s eardrums. This is because sound transmitted through the bone conveys lower frequencies more effectively than higher ones.


The MusicLens is a hardware product that aims to provide students with a better experience while listening to music. The company behind it, Kibey Culture, has a team of over 100 members in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou. It has a deep understanding of the user psychology behind tidal music and rich media resources, as well as top content operation capabilities. In addition to these features, the MusicLens is also free for elementary school students.

Currently, MusicLens are available in three different styles. The MusicLens with prescription lenses cost $88. The Classic style costs $99; the Fashion style costs $120 without storage, and the Optical version costs $199. Prescription lenses are available for an extra fee of $99.


The MusicLens is a new fashion accessory that combines speakers and sunglasses. They let you listen to music without the use of headphones. The MusicLens uses “ultra high-quality one-conduction technology” to reduce external sound while minimizing sound leakage. These sunglasses also offer fluorescent lenses for nightclubbing. The MusicLens is expected to retail for $199. If you’re in the market for some new accessories, you’ll be happy to know that they will fit comfortably and look stylishly in the process.

The MusicLens also comes with a video-player overlay that lets you watch videos on the go without having to pull out your phone. You can also use them to navigate offline. With their new capabilities, you’ll have a new way to experience music wherever you go. MusicLens’ affordable price will make them a great investment for musicians, travelers, and music lovers. The price will vary depending on where you plan on using the device, but you can save up to 47 percent on the retail price.

Where to buy

If you have been wondering where to buy MusicLens, there are several options. It is a completely legal device, and currently, orders will ship within one to four weeks, depending on the location. However, you must be aware of some important information before you place an order, including where to find the best prices and the time it will take to arrive. For those who are worried about purchasing fake products, you can also read more about the safety of the product on the Amazon page.

MusicLens works on bone conduction, which means the audio signals travel straight to your ears. These glasses have a speaker built in, resulting in four times the sound quality you’d get in a regular stereo system. The headphones’ speakers are also placed in an exclusive patent, which gives you an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. MusicLens are the only smart glasses that use bone conduction audio and a bass that’s twice as loud as a normal speaker. MusicLens are designed to be water-resistant and allow you to hear ambient noise, so they’re also ideal for prescription glasses.

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