The Peppol Access Point

The Peppol Access Point is a powerful, scalable and affordable way to integrate electronic documents into your workflow. It is designed to manage large volumes of electronic documents and provides fast, reliable and cost-efficient access to the Peppol network. The Qvalia Peppol Access Point integrates quickly into your processes and systems, allowing you to leverage the benefits of Peppol without sacrificing speed.


As a certified PEPPOL Access Point supplier, TX2 CONCEPT offers its e-invoicing customers direct access to companies participating in the PEPPOL network. PEPPOL is a set of technical specifications that enable disparate e-procurement and e-commerce systems to become interoperable. This allows trading partners in Europe to exchange standards-based electronic documents. These include electronic orders, advance shipping notes, online catalogs, and message level responses.

Peppol’s infrastructure is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as per their service level agreements. This means that your Peppol access point must be operational around the clock to ensure that your business partners are able to reach you. The same goes for the Peppol AS4 server, which must be available and up-and-running at all times.

Peppol has a very wide network reach. Its platform has global interoperability and is compatible with all leading e-procurement platforms and partners. This ensures that it is easy to integrate systems and onboard suppliers. Peppol is also free from roaming charges.

Peppol is an electronic document exchange network that originated in the European Union and has since expanded into Australasia and Singapore. The most common use of Peppol is for e-invoicing. Australia is the leader in this field.


The Peppol Access Point is an important component of a Peppol infrastructure. As a result, it requires specific technical expertise to deploy the system. It must also be tested for compatibility with the Peppol IDs that are used for authentication. Additionally, the implementation must undergo continuous maintenance and support to keep its reliability and security up-to-date.

Peppol Access Points are a major investment. They also require skilled support staff to properly operate and maintain them. For this reason, it is essential to budget for the cost of maintaining Peppol Access Points. To find out how to become an Accredited Peppol Access Point, visit the OpenPEPPOL website.

To become an OpenPeppol service provider, complete the application documentation. An email with the required documentation will be sent to you. Once you have completed the application and the testbed, you can apply for a certificate. This certificate will allow you to operate your OpenPeppol Access Point on a test network. Upon successful completion of the tests, you’ll be notified by the New Zealand Peppol Authority.

Peppol Access Points enable companies to use the open, global network to exchange documents. This allows companies to reduce costs and improve interoperability with international partners. By using a standardized language and syntax, the Peppol Network reduces the risk of fraudulent invoices. This is particularly useful for small businesses.

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