Tissot PRX – the great comeback of iconic premium watches

Tissot watches have been synonymous with top quality and innovation combined with traditional watchmaking craftsmanship for decades. When the Swiss company produced its first Tissot PRX watch in 1978, everyone was impressed with its unique style and classic design. That’s why it will certainly come as no surprise to anyone that with the launch of the PRX collection the Tissot brand quickly became one of the most popular watch companies in the world.

Tissot PRX – the great return of much-loved retro watches


It has been more than forty years since the first Tissot PRX timepiece was launched. Last year, Tissot manufacturers made a great comeback by releasing the iconic wristwatch, which managed to win the hearts of many lovers of distinctive taste. Note, however, that this isn’t the end of the surprises. Tissot has a lot more to offer. The timepieces that have become a real sales hit, adorning the wrists of the world’s elite, are back on the market again. The watches have an innovative design that combines classics with modernity and pays tribute to timekeeping. This is how a collection of five iconic watches from the Tissot PRX collection can be described.

Tissot PRX – when tradition meets modernity


Tissot PRX watches combine tradition with modern trends that the brand has been actually setting since its inception. Thus, they are must-have accessories that are sure to appeal to any fan of retro style. The watches introduce an original touch to even everyday outfits. They are characterised by a modern yet timeless design. The whole collection is distinguished by simplicity and minimalism.

Tissot PRX – unique and original style 


Tissot PRX watches perfectly present the qualities of timepieces from the 1970s. These distinctive features include, above all, rounded and carefully polished bezels and tapering bracelets made of solid material. Tissot PRX watches are powered by a Swiss quartz movement. It’s also impossible not to notice clear and easy-to-read dials. Without problems you’ll read both the time and date. The timepieces are also equipped with an end-of-life (EOL) indicator. The case is perfectly integrated into the bracelet so as to give the impression of harmony. This ensures not only an aesthetic appearance, but also the comfort of wearing – you can be sure that the watch will fit you perfectly.

Tissot PRX watches – Swiss reliability and remarkable design


Top quality and a sophisticated design of Swiss timepieces is evident from the very first glance at Tissot PRX watches. Equipped with state-of-the-art movements, they represent a real breakthrough in the world watch market. Each model is manufactured with the utmost precision, taking care of every detail, even the smallest one. Solid materials of the highest quality guarantee reliability for many years. Not only do watches have a high level of resistance to mechanical damage, but they can also withstand extreme temperature, frost and humidity. They can therefore accompany you at all times. What’s more, thanks to an easy-to-read dial they offer a clear reading of the time and date. Tissot watches combine innovative movements with a traditional design reminiscent of classic timepieces.

Tissot PRX watches – the movement is the essential component 

The innovative Powermatic 80 automatic movement and a Nivachron non-magnetic balance spring deserve particular attention. Some of Tissot PRX watches are made up of 75% pure gold, which proves their superior quality, durability, resistance to damage, and a long performance. Each of the watches stands out for its unique design, which will take you straight back to the 1970s. Tissot PRX watches are distinguished by their timeless and versatile style, so they will perfectly complement any outfit. They are a must-have accessory for any person who values elegance, luxury and style. Each element plays a special role in making a coherent whole. The Geneva stripes and mother-of-pearl add a touch of taste and sophistication.

Resistance of the highest level

Tissot PRX watches can accompany you in any situation thanks to their robust construction and excellent technical parameters. Each timepiece is highly resistant to mechanical damage such as scratches, impacts and cracks. That’s why you can be sure that the watches won’t only adorn your wrist, but will also be functional gadgets for many years to come. Tissot PRX watches are ideal devices for lovers of sport and travel. Namely, these watches are equipped with a special mechanism that protects them from entering water inside. It is also worth noting that Tissot PRX watches are fitted with an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring and thus they are more resistant against magnetic fields. Thanks to the sapphire crystal, the dial is easy to read and highly resistant to scratches.

Tissot – the pioneer of innovative solutions

What pictures do you see in your mind when you think of Switzerland? The breathtaking Alps? The best Swiss chocolate? How about watches? Did you know that Switzerland is also a leader in the manufacture and sale of luxury watches? The Tissot brand is one of Swiss brands that is globally known for high quality, luxury, prestige and reliability. The company combines its long and rich experience with a constant drive for innovation. The brand sets new trends for the entire watch industry. From its very beginnings, Tissot has looked into the future with great hope in order to fulfil its mission and create innovative timepieces. Also, it’s worth noting that as early as in the 1920s, Tissot designed some of the first wristwatches.

Tissot innovations in the watch market

The Tissot Antimagnétique watch was one of the Swiss brand’s first famous inventions. It was launched before the start of World War II. It became the first watch with an anti-magnetic movement. Just over twenty years later, a new watch, the Tissot Navigator, was released on the market. As the name suggests, it showed 24 time zones. In 1965, however, the Tissot PR 516 became available – a timepiece designed for lovers of car racing. Its bracelet with holes referred to the steering wheel of racing cars. A huge innovation in the watch market was also the Tissot Idea 2001, a symbol of the cultural changes taking place in society at that time. In 1985, the Tissot brand began to use completely new materials (previously unknown to the watch industry). The brand created timepieces using different stones from various mountainous areas including blue lace agate, basalt, picture jasper and quartz. In 1999, the watch industry witnessed an amazing technological breakthrough with Tissot’s creation of its tactile watch equipped with an LCD screen.

Tissot watches – qualities that cannot be ignored

Why are Tissot watches so popular around the world? The manufacturers owe this, above all, to the four pillars that guide their production. These include luxury, high precision, fine craftsmanship and innovation. Tissot watches are powered, among others, by the Powermatic 80 movement. The calibre is characterised by a very high level of precision – it meets almost all of the requirements of the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The Swissmatic movement was a true innovation in the watch-making industry. It was created for people looking for superior quality, fine craftsmanship, reliability and attractive design.

Tissot also employs the ETA Valjoux self-winding chronograph movement, which combines top quality with class and luxury. Thanks to the use of silicon as a new material to make components in the mechanism, Tissot can offer far greater resistance to the magnetic fields produced by everyday objects. Besides, the brand uses a Nivachron™ balance spring that is far more resistant to magnetic fields, mechanical damage or extreme temperatures than standard springs. Tissot is committed to the highest quality at all stages of production, as evidenced by the use of premium materials, including 316L stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, gold, ceramics, mother-of-pearl, diamonds and sapphire crystals.

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