Vacuum Accessories

The standard attachments come with your vacuum cleaner, which are great for smooth and non-carpeted surfaces. They include the floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, and rug & floor combo tool. If you have carpeted floors, you can also purchase electric tools like the deep cleaning power brush. This tool comes with a powerful motor and nozzle similar to that of traditional vacuum cleaners. You can choose from a variety of vacuum accessories to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Power nozzle

When looking for a new nozzle for your vacuum, consider purchasing a power nozzle. These tools have multiple advantages and provide the user with increased suction. Other power nozzles only turn the brush roll and produce agitation. A power nozzle has a motor that adds suction, while other nozzles use brushrolls for agitation. A power nozzle can improve the suction of a vacuum system up to 50%.

Extension wand

An extension wand for your vacuum is a useful accessory for extending the reach of your hose and cleaning tools. This accessory allows you to dust, clean crevices and reach high-up spaces. Its patented design also makes it easier to store than traditional wands, so you don’t need to worry about losing pieces. Another useful accessory is a pipe-cleaning brush that can be added to your wand to speed up dust removal.

Extension wands for vacuums come in several sizes and are not intended to replace power heads. A good extension wand will extend the reach of your vacuum up to eight feet plus your own height. To maximize your vacuuming efficiency, get two of them. These accessories are available in grey and 19-inch lengths. To get the best fit, be sure to select a tool that matches your vac’s power head.

Crevice tool

Most vacs come with a crevice tool as an accessory. This tool fits onto a common sized hose or extension wand and can reach into tight areas. Its narrow, angled end allows it to clean behind kitchen appliances and furniture. The tool has a 32mm internal diameter and is compatible with most makes and models. If you don’t have a crevice tool, you can purchase one from a retail store to fit most vacs.

Another popular crevice tool is the Mr. Nozzle CT-A. This tool is made of durable polyethylene and features a slim, ergonomic design. Made in the U.S., the CT-A also features a rounded bottom that makes it easy to maneuver. It’s a great accessory for routine cleaning of radiators, refrigerator coils, air ducts, and furniture. It’s also great for auto detailing, too!

Dust brush

Among the different vacuum accessories you can purchase is a dust brush. The dust brush is a useful tool for cleaning delicate surfaces, like the tops of furniture. The brush features rounded bristles and can be used for various tasks. Some dusting brushes even have lint-catching fabric strips. This tool also helps you vacuum high ceilings. Its long length makes it easy to reach behind appliances. A nylon pantyhose with a rubber band is a handy choice.

This tool is an ideal tool for cleaning intricate or hard surfaces. A dusting brush can also be used to clean carpets. These brushes are made from hard plastic and may have a nylon bristle strip to aid in dusting. It can be easily attached to most wet/dry vacuums. A dust brush can also be used to clean mattresses. Hence, it is essential to choose the right tool for each surface. You can check out the different vacuum accessories in the Vacuum Replacement Parts section of the store.

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