What Do Laundry Symbols Mean?

What do the laundry symbols mean? You can also get custom care labels from a shop such as the Dutch Label Shop. A graduate of fashion design, Nicole is an experienced freelance content creator who enjoys sewing, crafting, and reading. She writes on topics including how to properly care for your clothing and the importance of washing and drying in the right manner. Read on to learn more! The following are a few tips to ensure the success of your laundry day.

Do not bleach

Do not bleach laundry symbols may appear on your clothes. If you see a triangle symbol, you are using chlorine bleach to wash the clothes. Bleach is a chemical that brightens the color of your clothes and can also remove stains. It can even eliminate mildew and mold. However, not all fabrics are safe to use with chlorine bleach. For best results, use a non-chlorine, color safe bleach.

Do not tumble dry

There are several ways to ensure that your clothes do not get ruined by the dryer. Look for the “NO Tumble Dry” symbol on your clothing. This symbol will tell you to hang or air dry your garments. This will prevent the clothes from stretching, losing their shape, or shrinking. The symbol will be found on delicate clothing and other dressing garments, as well as on decorative items. Read the labels to ensure that your clothes are cared for properly.

Do not tumble dry in direct sunlight

When drying wetsuits, avoid airing them in direct sunlight. The heat from direct sunlight can damage 100% cotton products. Instead, hang your wetsuit over a rail while air drying. While skipping the tumble dryer doesn’t necessarily reduce durability, it has huge environmental benefits. In fact, a typical tumble dryer uses five times as much energy as a standard washing machine. Avoiding this energy-intensive process can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of a household.

Bleach when needed

You can find the Bleach when needed symbol on the label of white clothes. The symbol has two variations. One type is a triangle with an “X” through it. The other type has two lines inside and is for non-chlorine bleach only. This type of symbol indicates that you should use sparingly when using bleach. Generally, the triangle with an “X” through it is for non-chlorine bleach only.

Tumble dry at 40degC

Depending on the fabric, you can tumble dry a variety of items at 40degC. Most dryers have a delicate, bulky, or permanent press cycle. Cold water users should choose the low setting for delicate items, while items that can handle a high heat should be dried on the high setting. If the item is made from synthetic material, you should not tumble dry it. The symbol on the dryer may include a black circle with several small black dots inside.

Do not tumble dry on high

One way to extend the life of your clothing is to avoid using the tumble dryer. Using the dryer too frequently can ruin fabric and cause damage. To avoid overheating, make sure your dryer is well-ventilated. You can also avoid damaging your machine by opening windows. If you’re still not sure how to properly care for your clothing, here are some helpful tips:

Do not tumble dry on low

Most clothing should be air-dried, not tumble-dried. However, this method isn’t always ideal, because it can cause damage to fabric items. When the machine overheats, it can cause the fabric to shrink, fade, or fade faster. In addition, clothes can easily accumulate lint, which can damage the machine. Avoid overdrying fabric items, especially towels, to prevent this problem.

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