What Types of Content Should You Include in Your Sales Enablement Platform?

Sales enablement content can include datasheets, product demos, and competitive intelligence. The use of content in sales enablement is not new, and content will continue to play a crucial role in this space. Technology can help you create a broader range of content. However, there are some things to consider before making a decision about which content to include.


Modus, a sales enablement platform, enables sales teams to find relevant content and improve their sales skills. It also allows sellers to monitor and measure prospect engagement, track follow-up call activity, and reduce spending on printed documents and brochures. Modus also allows sales teams to collaborate with prospects and share content. It also offers customizable email templates and call workflows.

Modus enables sales teams by providing sales enablement ingredients – content, tools, and just-in-time learning – for every stage of the sales cycle. The platform also makes it easy to distribute and share content, and evaluate the effectiveness of sales enablement efforts.


KnowledgeTree is an enterprise-class sales enablement platform that allows you to centralize content from anywhere in your organization. From email to CRM to third-party applications, Knowledgetree connects all your content in one central hub. This makes it easy for sales reps to share relevant content with prospects, doubling their engagement and accelerating every deal.

The platform provides salespeople with a central repository for documents, training, and other sales collateral. It also integrates with Salesforce and leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services. Content collaboration is simplified and automated, and enterprise teams are able to manage it with ease. KnowledgeTree has been used by more than 200 organizations worldwide.

The platform’s predictive analytics can help you identify which content your reps need based on their specific role and sales situation. The platform will then route recommended content to reps in their inbox via email or Salesforce.


Showell is a sales enablement platform that helps businesses present content, track content, and deliver a personalized buyer experience. It helps salespeople develop slide decks and customize the platform with company logos, background images, and thumbnails. It allows users to add videos and other multimedia to their presentations.

Showell also allows users to prioritize their messages. When sending content, users can send it to multiple people with a single click. They can choose to invite internal employees or external users, or even invite third parties. Showell also lets users customize invitation messages and controls how many people can view or open them. Users can also restrict access to specific domains and users.

Showell has developed an intuitive sales enablement platform that helps tens of thousands of B2B salespeople around the world. It provides instant access to content, savvy presentation tools, and content analytics, and it makes sales training and content management easy.


The Fision Sales Enablement Platform is an all-in-one sales enablement solution that gives sales reps and marketers complete control over their campaigns. Sales reps can create customized content and presentations, while marketers can stay on top of compliance and branding. The platform also enables comprehensive analytics.

Sales enablement tools make it easy for sales teams to find relevant content and keep track of their prospect engagement. They combine intelligent content management, training, contextual guidance, and actionable analytics. One such solution is MindTickle, a sales readiness platform that reduces sales ramp time by 60%.

A key feature of the platform is adaptive intelligence. This allows the sales enablement platform to continually learn about its users and recommend content based on their past performance. The system can also identify what kind of presentation works best for certain customer segments.


With Highspot, you can create a curated and personalized sales experience. Its intuitive UI makes finding content quick and easy. You can use the search tool to find and curate content, and Highspot’s batch actions and audit trails help you ensure you’re using up-to-date content. The sales enablement platform supports more than 80 integrations and 40 different types of content, making it a flexible solution for any sales team.

Highspot’s platform is unique, as it is the only natively-built solution in the sales enablement space. This allows it to rapidly enhance its features without compromising usability. With the new funding, the company plans to accelerate platform development. New features will be introduced, including deeper insights into go-to-market strategy and execution. Additionally, the company plans to expand its global presence. In addition to the United States, Highspot plans to enter the Asia Pacific market.

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