Which String Trimmer is Right For You?

Whether you are looking to cut wood, grass, or any other type of material, a string trimmer can make the job a lot easier. Before you get started, however, you may want to consider some factors to help you determine which trimmer is right for your needs.


Despite its low price, the Worx WG170 string trimmer has plenty of power and offers an adjustable handle. It’s also light enough to tackle coarse weeds and grass.

The Worx WG170 string trimmer is designed for users with smaller properties, such as apartments, or properties that don’t have a lot of space to work with. It weighs just over a pound, compared to the larger, heavier string trimmers that come with an extension cord.

The WORX WG170 string trimmer has an adjustable handle and shaft, and a dual-string cutting head. It also features a bump-feed system, which allows the line to be fed on demand, rather than manually. This keeps the line at the right length for cutting, and makes feeding easier.

This string trimmer has a 12-inch cutting diameter, which means you can trim more foliage in less time. The trimmer is also easy to use. It has a clip-on wheel that makes it easier to handle. It also has a built-in guide wheel. It’s also designed to work in tight spaces.

Makita ST1623T

Whether you’re looking for a battery powered string trimmer or you’re a fan of gas powered models, you’ll find that these products are affordable, powerful, and easy to use. Battery powered string trimmers are also very quiet, which makes them a nice addition to your lawn.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new string trimmer. You’ll want to get one with a large enough battery, a high-quality line, and enough RPM to handle thick grass and weeds. It’s also a good idea to find one with a large enough cutting swath. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you can get a model with a bigger diameter line, which will last longer.

The EGO ST1623T String Trimmer has a 16-inch cutting swath and a powerful 56V battery, which delivers over 60 minutes of continuous cut time. The trimmer also features a Line IQ feature, which is a fancy term for automatically winding the line. Basically, this feature ensures that you get the most out of your battery.

Ryobi ST1623T

Luckily, the svelte Ryobi ST1623T String Trimmer is one of many options available in the cordless segment. It’s got a brushless motor, a 4.0Ah battery, and a shaft that turns for easy edging. It comes with a three-year warranty, too. The bare-bones model weighs in at 12.5 pounds, which isn’t bad for a tool with a name like that. With the plethora of cordless equipment available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lawn and garden.

With a name like Ryobi, you’re sure to get the quality you’d expect from a company that’s been making outdoor power equipment for over three decades. The company’s offerings are not limited to string trimmers; they also include a plethora of lawn mowers and other power tools.

Ego ST1623T

Having a cordless String Trimmer is a great way to trim up your lawn. This particular model uses a 56 volt arc-lithium battery that provides a surprisingly long run time for its size. You can even use the battery to power other EGO outdoor power equipment.

The EGO ST1623T String Trimmer is a good choice for those looking to get rid of grass, weeds and other unwanted folios without the fuss and bother of using a gas powered unit. The EGO string trimmer is a surprisingly lightweight and is easy to use. In addition to its many benefits, the EGO string trimmer is also backed by a one year warranty. This is something you will not find with many of the other brands in the market.


WS2400 string trimmer is designed to work with a variety of trimmer attachments. It has an over-molded grip for a comfortable trimming experience. It also features a two-year limited warranty.

WS2400 is a gas-powered string trimmer. It features a 27-cc commercial-grade engine with a cutting swath of 18 inches. The engine is capable of delivering maximum power with less vibration. It also has a low-speed setting, which helps extend the life of the string. Its reel-easy string head features a high-capacity easy winding bump head that holds 20 feet of line.

The cutting head features sharp edges for easy trimming. It also has a momentary reverse feature that clears grass around the head.

The square head is ideal for cutting through thicker weeds. It features four sharp edges for fast trimming. It also cuts through grass instead of ripping.

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