5 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

In addition to a company-wide Employee Appreciation Day, you can also take employee appreciation further by expressing your gratitude through Social media shoutouts, handwritten notes, and outdoor picnics. Here are some ideas to get your employees excited about your appreciation day. Let’s start with the basics:

Employee Appreciation Day

It’s no secret that recognizing employees positively can boost their productivity and retention. Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to show your employees you care about their work. A recent survey found that the number one reason employees quit their jobs is a lack of appreciation. The need to be appreciated is so great that 79% of employees cite lack of appreciation as the primary reason for their decision. By recognizing employees on Employee Appreciation Day, you can foster connections and communicate your appreciation to employees while reenergizing collaboration within your organization.

Employee appreciation should begin with fair labor practices and policies. Make sure employees understand their rights and know how to fight for them. Studies show that 40% of workers leave their jobs because of workplace stress. Therefore, keeping employees satisfied is crucial to reduce turnover. Here are three ways to show your employees you care:

Social media shoutouts

Giving employees a social media shoutout on Employee Appreciation Day is a simple yet effective way to show your gratitude. Employees enjoy public recognition, and they appreciate receiving it. Social media shoutouts also allow you to share your appreciation with employees’ Facebook and LinkedIn networks. In addition, a shoutout can help the honoree feel more appreciated by increasing the number of retweets and impressions.

To give employees an instant recognition, use social media. Many social media platforms now have tools for shoutouts. It’s easy and inexpensive to share messages of appreciation, including pictures and videos. You can also include the employee’s job title, recent contributions, and achievements. If you want to share a video, encourage them to create one and share it with their peers. They’ll be more likely to share your shoutout than any other form of recognition.

Handwritten notes

The power of handwritten notes cannot be overstated. Handwritten notes serve as tangible reminders of exceptional performance and can even be kept as a souvenir of a job well done. Furthermore, they often generate more impact than they intend. Employees who receive handwritten notes often take pride in them, displaying them in their workspace or calling over coworkers to share them. In turn, other employees may also appreciate the gesture.

Creating a note that is thoughtful and genuine will show the employee how much they mean to the company. When writing a note for employee appreciation, keep in mind that a handwritten note will always have a more authentic impact than a computer-generated or automated thank-you note. Try brainstorming about what makes an employee special and consider the unique role they play in your organization. This gesture will show how much you truly value each and every employee.

Outdoor picnics

Outdoor picnics are a great way to show your employees how much you value their contributions to the company. It’s the perfect way to remind them of what makes your company special and increase employee motivation. There are many fun activities that can be held at company picnics. Here are some ideas. Let your employees vote on what the theme of the picnic will be. It might be a sports field, a park shelter, or even a volleyball court.

Pick a location that will accommodate the number of guests you’re expecting. Choose a location that’s family-friendly. Children often want to be entertained, but this doesn’t have to be a huge deal. If the picnic location has a playground, choose it. This will ensure that kids have something to do while parents can mingle. For company picnics, plan to bring the whole family, so that everyone can relax together.

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