Types of Double Sided Suction Cups

There are several different kinds of double sided suction cups, including Adams, Kaiben, and Bellows. You may want to choose the larger ones for sturdier holding power, but smaller sizes won’t be as durable. You can also use a combination of sizes when crafting a double sided toy. In this article, we’ll explain which type of double sided suction cup you need to craft your project.

Adams Double Sided Suction Cups

The Adams Double Sided Suction Cups are designed to grip a wide variety of items. They are made from high-quality materials so they will not yellow or deteriorate. They also have light-diffusing rings that help prevent concentrated light from damaging surfaces. They are also strong enough to hold up to seven pounds. These suction cups have many uses around the home. Here are some of their best uses.

To increase the strength and durability of the suction cup, Adams uses a proprietary blend of materials. These materials provide more grip and last longer than any other cup. The undersides of Adams suction cups are shiny. Suction cups with matte finishes are not as effective as those with glossy surfaces. They also won’t adhere as well to the surface as those with a glossy finish. To ensure optimal suction, place the Adams Double Sided Suction Cups in temperatures above forty degrees Fahrenheit and allow them to dry completely before removing them.

Using bioinspired suction cups has several advantages. They could be used for tagging marine animals, attaching sensors to fouled surfaces, and cleaning ship hulls. In addition, their use may extend to industrial processing and shower caddy design. Ultimately, the breakthrough came from the understanding of how clingfish suction works. Manufacturers of manufactured suction cups often fail to perform on textured surfaces.


Kaiben double-sided suction cups are great for many different uses around the house. These suction cups can be easily installed and removed, making them perfect for car accessory hanging or home decor. They are also easy to use and can adhere to glass or tiles for a secure hold on your items. Kaiben suction cups are environmentally friendly and are made from PVC plastic. To see how they work, watch the video below!

Adams Bellows

A variety of suction cup fittings are available for the 2.5 Bellows Vacuum Suction Cups. These suction cups attach to slanted surfaces and concave surfaces gently and easily. They are an excellent choice to replace height compensators and mechanical springs. This type of suction cup is easier to install and costs less than mechanical springs. To extend the life of the suction cups, it is important to keep the vacuum level low.

These double-sided suction cups are a great choice for packaging products that have delicate parts, such as glass. The extended stroke and domed top of these suction cups provide cushioning and spacer functionality for products that are packed in boxes. They can also be used to stabilize glass table tops. To remove them, pull up on the release tab on the suction cup. It is recommended that you never use suction cups in direct sunlight or in very cold temperatures.

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