5 places for exotic socializing events in Poland

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Cracow, Warsaw, and the Baltic sea come to mind when people think of Poland. Not many may know that there are places in Poland that seem to take you thousands of miles away to the Maldives or Grand Canyon of Colorado. These are perfect places to amaze your customers or employees, so why not invite them for a socializing event.

1. The Bledowska Desert – Polish Sahara Desert

Would you think Poland has a desert? As a matter of fact, it is the largest sandy desert in Europe, which is surprising. Located in the south of Poland, it spreads for about 32 km2. It’s not the art of nature, but it is the result of massive deforestation for the purposes of the mining industry. The digging revealed layers of sand up to 17-20 meters deep. Heat waves cause mirages, just as they do in the desert.

2. Grodek Park in Jaworzno – the turquoise of Maldives

To see the turquoise waters of Maldives , we don’t even need to leave central Europe, as the second breathtaking place is right here in Poland. To show off your company’s location to foreign visitors, a trip to Grodek Park in Jaworzno might be the perfect chance. Because it is a flooded dolomite quarry, the lake’s water is turquoise, and it makes the visitors feel like they were in the Maldives.

The surrounding of steep cliffs, a wooden footbridge, and shaded gazebos all evoke feelings of being in a magical place.

3. A beach in Jaroslawiec or maybe it’s Dubai?

You can now travel to Jaroslawiec on a lower budget if you crave the wide, sandy beaches of Dubai. Polish beaches are famous for their beauty, but in 2018 the beach in Jaroslawiec had to be reconstructed in order to protect the local cliffs, which were at risk of sliding into the water.

Now, your business partners may admire five stone embankments, resembling those in Dubai.  Now everyone in Poland calls the beach in Jaroslawiec “Polish Dubai”. Another advantage of intervening in nature is that the water quickly becomes warm in those shallow bays, and even the Polish sea may seem warm.

4. Moszna Castle – is it Hogwart or Disneyland?

You can’t imagine a better place for a conference with your clients than the castle in Moszna. It’s the venue for the fantasy and LARP fans coming there from all over Europe. Children will surely be delighted to go inside the castle that looks like from fairy tales.  With its 100 towers and turrets, a beautiful park and artificial lake it may seem like the castle from your dreams.

5. Walk in the Stolowe Mountains and feel like in Arizona

It’s not difficult to see the similarity between the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA, and the Errant Rocks, shining bright on sunny days. This fascinating geological formation makes people think of strange names for them, so you may find a camel, mammoth or an ape. Instead of listening to a presentation, take your guests to the mountains.

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